Our client's satisfaction is very important to us.

At the Pappenfus Law Firm our client’s satisfaction is very important to us. Below are just some of the testimonials that we have received from personal injury clients located all over Minnesota.

G. H.
Grand Rapids, MN

I was injured while a front seat passenger in a car when the driver looked down and lost control of the car. The driver overcompensated, crossed the meridian and into oncoming lanes and ended up in a woods.

My injuries included a lumbar fracture, thoracic compression fracture, cracked pelvis, and ulnar nerve damage in both arms from the impact with the dashboard. My life changed dramatically. I can no longer travel long distances or entertain family and friends. I am on pain medication daily, but I am thankful I can walk.

I am so grateful to Tom Pappenfus. He came to the hospital and our home. He is so kind and compassionate. We were overwhelmed when the bills started coming in. After our first contact with Tom, all correspondence was directed to him, and he took care of everything. It was like a weight was taken off our shoulders.

I was very satisfied with hiring Tom because of his expertise and tenacity to seek every avenue to obtain the best outcome for my injuries. There was never a time I was unable to speak to Tom or his staff regarding questions or concerns. To this day, I attribute our financial security to Tom.

I would absolutely recommend Tom. I can't believe any other attorney could be so devoted to his client and concern for their welfare.

S. L.
Thief River Falls, MN

I was injured when walking in a crosswalk when I was hit by a car.

I had a concussion, broken leg and contusions. It meant that I was unable to work at my job and that I needed help even getting around in my home. I had several surgeries within a year and a half after the accident.

We called and spoke with Tom Pappenfus. He made an appointment to come to our house and talk to us regarding my accident. From the moment we met Tom, we were impressed. He explained options and never pressured us at all. During the course of my case he would take the time to explain what different things would happen and why.

We had told Tom that we didn't want to deal with insurance companies and bills. He handled all of that and more. He always consulted us and gave us the opportunity to voice our opinions. He was caring and considerate which we appreciate greatly. He always came to us and never made us feel like we were bothering him when we'd call with questions.

I would recommend Tom. Tom made a very bad situation bearable. He is truly an asset to his profession. There isn't a thing that we would change when it comes to the experience we had when we had Tom as our lawyer.

P. R.
Grand Rapids, MN

I was hit in a head on collision.

My ankle ended up being jammed which in turn affected my lower back.

My experience with Tom Pappenfus was very good. It was nice to have a feeling of confidence with my lawyer that he knew exactly what to do and his confidence in knowing what to do if any new circumstance came up.

I was most satisfied with hiring Tom because of his expertise and professional way of handling everything.

I would recommend Tom because of his ability in knowing what to do and knowing exactly how to handle it.

B. A.
Alexandria, MN

I was in a car accident where another driver slammed into my car.

I sustained a head injury that was significant and post traumatic stress that was very difficult. My head injury caused memory and personality changes, issues that I will have the rest of my life.

I was so glad that I contacted Tom Pappenfus. Tom immediately began the weighty paperwork and explained the legal process ahead of me.

I was most satisfied with Tom's patience. Tom frequently had to review the process with me (my memory issues were affecting my ability to cope). Tom was knowledgeable and persistent in getting a settlement that was fair.

I would recommend Tom and I would recommend contacting him as soon as possible. Without him I would have been "lost at sea".

R. B.
Alexandria, MN

I was injured when a semi truck and trailer pulled out in front of me.

This injury has altered my life. I had a debilitating shoulder injury that required physical therapy and surgery. My shoulder will never be the same.

Tom Pappenfus took the time to explain the legal process and what we could expect. He represented us during litigation.

I was most satisfied with hiring Tom because of his honesty and his genuine concern about my physical healing.

Tom handled my case in a professional manner, keeping us informed about the progress in our case. He negotiated what we felt to be fair compensation.

J. L.
Alexandria, MN

I was injured by a woman who ran a stop sign and nearly hit me on my motorcycle, causing me to lay the motorcycle down.

I was devastated. I broke 6 ribs, had an injury to my shoulder, knee and back.

The minute I walked into Tom's office, I felt relaxed and at ease. I was confident that his representation was the right choice.

Tom was just an easy guy to talk to, who made me feel like things would be made right.

I highly recommend Tom Pappenfus, in fact, someone else recommended him to me. Myself and my family are forever grateful. We came in and put our trust in Tom.